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It used to be, even as recent as just a few years ago, that the yellow pages were a great place to advertise to get the phone to ring with leads. Not anymore, 9.5 out of 10 people search online for whatever they are looking for in terms of information, products and services. Getting your business set up in what is essentially the modern internet age’s yellow pages... Google, Yahoo, Bing is quick, easy and low cost...and the phone starts to ring again right away!

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Image Why PPC is great for today but not so good for the future

Why PPC is great for today but not so good for the future

Due to increases competition in Google each year, the cost per click for the same keyword phrases one year later tend to become substantially higher. Stated another way, spend the same and get less leads year after year...the only way to keep up is to spend more. What can be done to reverse this trend?

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Digital Marketing Course

Expand your Digital Web Presence by signing up for our hands-on, interactive, and highly engaging Digital Marketing Course.

Our 12-week course; just a one hour a week investment of your time, conducted live on GoToMeeting (and you get the recording!), is designed to give you and designated members of your team, such as an administrative assistant, an opportunity to learn all that is possible in the sometimes confusing world of Digital Marketing.

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