Chuck is the Vice President of Project Logistics at Consult PR. He has been a part of the Consult PR team for over ten years and has been involved in many of the significant milestones of the company’s history. Chuck started as a Junior Quality Assurance Specialist and was promoted shortly after to the role of Director of Quality Assurance due to his impressive attention to detail and understanding of quality web interfaces.

Chuck leads the projects team that handles website and custom web application development. His motivation and drive to always improve project logistics in keeping the client’s satisfaction in mind have led to the successful launching of hundreds of websites and applications. Chuck also has created a friendly and competitive environment within the team which keeps team morale high while delivering quality results.

Chuck graduated from Florida Atlantic University with a Degree in Finance in 2009. Although Chuck’s field of study was primarily in finance, his love for technology and web-related applications took him in the direction of Consult PR.

In his spare time, Chuck enjoys working out at the gym and playing board games. His favorite hobby is playing cricket for the Titans Cricket Club. You can find him on most Sundays playing the sport he loves in one of the many cricket grounds in South Florida.

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Harsh has been working at Consult PR for over 5 years and not a single day on the job goes by without him learning a new thing or two. Harsh’s ability to adapt and eagerness to learn are well met in his job role as Sr. VP of Operations at Consult PR. He has an MBA in Marketing and Finance, with over 10 years of working experience in the World Wide Web. His interest in the ever-changing world of technology keeps him researching and engaged in his work.

Harsh got married in 2013 to Mitali and was blessed with a daughter, Misha, in 2016. His Dad works as the Commissioner of Police in India, and his mother is into social and religious works in the community. He has an elder brother, who is also married, and works in the IT Industry in the USA. Harsh loves to drive, watch cricket and travel, in addition to watching English movies and TV shows. Harsh also cricket and lawn tennis, while being involved in both sports on a fundamental professional level. Harsh is a wicket-keeping batsman in the game of cricket and a Junk Ball Tennis player. He was the runner-up in the Under-18 Nilgiri Tennis Tournament (India) and was part of the Monash Division-IV Cricket Team (Australia).

Harsh also used to maintain a satire blog, which helped many see a funny side in life while the generic newspapers deal with disheartening articles. He was also interviewed by India’s leading newspaper, the Times of India, for this work. A person like Harsh gives Consult PR a leader who not only loves to have fun with his teammates but also gets the job done with his experience and research skills.

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Arash Kashyap

Logistics Administrator

Arash graduated from the Institute of Hotel Management in Shimla. She received her Master’s Degree in hospitality from PTU University and to date, has 12+ years of experience in training and development, which she is extremely passionate about. Arash prides herself in making her training classes interactive. She has been teaching online since 2017 and finds thrill in having discussions with her trainees.

Currently, she lives in Chandigarh, Punjab with her husband who works in the capacity of a Regional Manager at a facility management company. She also resides with her two lovely children, 11-year-old Sanaa and 5-year-old Udayveer.

On weekends, Arash can be seen playing football in the park with her children and generally spending time with her family. During her free time, she enjoys reading, watching TV, YouTube and cooking.

Arash believes that it is necessary to dream big, believe, love, and learn.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.

Vinay Srivastava

AVP Logistic, Consult PR

Vinay considers himself an innovator. With over 14 years of experience in the industry, Vinay has concentrated on CRM, content management, remote monitoring and management of ATMs. His technical skills encompass varied aspects of IT from project management, business analysis, development, testing and client engagement.

With Vinay’s exposure to web-based technologies spanning across Microsoft, Java and cloud-based platforms, he finds his career objectives perfectly aligned with Consult PR. In his experience, working directly with customers is what he enjoys the most. Vinay believes in adding value and contributing in a significant way wherever he can.

Vinay is married to Deepshikha and is blessed with a son. He lives in Dharuherra, the picturesque valley of Aravali in the outskirts of Gurgaon Haryana in India.

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James Henry

Quality Assurance & Logistics Support

James’ personal view is that working for Consult PR is more than just an experience of employment; it’s like being a part of a closely-knitted family. Such a work environment is a part of what encourages him to give his all towards his responsibilities over these past three years. During this time, James has gained the confidence and approval of those within the firm.

Before joining the Consult PR team, James worked as an Industrial Engineer, and he gained awareness of the importance of delivering quality service to customers. He has also made some prestigious accomplishments such as passes in five business subjects (Mathematics, English A, Office Administration, Principles of Accounts and Principles of Business) at the CXC Exam and IT Certifications from CompTIA and Microsoft.

In addition to his professional life, James is a humble and family-oriented individual. He was born into a family with high moral and Christian values. He enjoys watching or playing cricket and basketball, and James has a passion for almost any sport. James also enjoys watching the news (local and international), documentaries and other educational and informative programs.

As James would say, working with Consult PR is an experience he continues to look forward to. James is always motivated and ready to do his best for Consult PR and their clients in general.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.129

Jagmohan Singh

Sr. Web Designer

Every day, Jagmohan’s background, experience, and skills are used to make great things happen at Consult PR. As a leader, his enthusiasm and drive are what keeps the Web Design team strong.

Jagmohan has over 14 years of experience in the I.T industry. He graduated in Computer Application from NISM, Delhi, India and further opted for a Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Application from ET&T Institute- which is also located in Delhi. As he delved into the website design arena, Jagmohan took the bull by the horns and found his calling in HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Adobe Photoshop, Javascript, jQuery, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, and Corel Draw.

Jagmohan spent eight years in computer application and multimedia before turning to web design, now having gained over five years of experience. He is always believed to be intelligent, though if you ask him, he will tell you he cannot fathom why. Jagmohan's achievements humble him.

Jagmohan has been married for eleven years and lives in Delhi with his wife, Neetu, their son, Lakshay and daughter, Pari. He has been living in Delhi for the past 40 years and loves taking advantage of the local scenery as a family. When Jagmohan isn’t putting his creative juices to work, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, research, and development on computer-related subjects or the web, biking, laughing often and experiencing the joys of life.

Jagmohan has demonstrated his commitment to growing with Consult PR. His practical approach to problem-solving and drive to see things through to completion are what sets him apart.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.135

Yogendra Singh

Web Designer

Yogendra is a web developer with over fourteen (14) years of professional experience in the Web Development Industry. What’s great about this industry, according to Yogendra, is the new challenges that he faces every day and the chance he gets to learn new techniques/methods. This further input of knowledge is what he says keeps him up to date with new technology.

Yogendra always tries to bring his skills and experience to make every project/task perfect for the Consult PR team. Besides web development, graphic design and computer/console gaming are his passion. These keep him updated in terms of providing him with inspirations, new ideas, and the latest trends/styles.

Yogendra graduated from Lucknow University and received technical/professional training from ISCT Lucknow. He has been working in the industry since 2004 - 2005 and is always eager to learn more.

Yogendra is happily married to Kshama, and he has a daughter, Sonal. He lives with his parents. Yogendra is extremely committed to his family, profession, friends, and country and remains a firm believer in God. He was born in the holy city, Varanasi and raised in Lucknow - City of Nawabs.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.137

Sukhvinder Singh

Web Designer

Sukhvinder Singh is a UI/UX Designer with over 14 years of professional experience in the Web and IT Industry. He has a Master's Degree in Computer Application from MDU University and is a graduate of Delhi University.

 The field of Digital Marketing is different for Sukhvinder, but he welcomes the challenge as he is always interested in learning.


Sukhvinder specializes in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Creating Design, and Mockups.


On a personal note, he resides in Delhi, India with his joint family and is happily married to his wife, Rupinder. Sukhvinder is also the proud father of one daughter, Manroop.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.175

Sanjeev Kumar

Web Developer, Consult PR

As a programmer, Sanjeev believes that customer service is of utmost importance. He has over seven years of experience in web technology and programming languages like and so Sanjeev aims to channel his creativity to always satisfy client needs here at Consult PR.

Sanjeev's passion lies in computing and so he is especially thrilled whenever he is engaged in web programming.

Sanjeev was born and raised in India, where he also gained his education - Certificates, Diploma, and Degrees.

On a personal note, Sanjeev considers himself a self-motivated and hardworking man. He has a family of his own, which comprises of his wife Poonam and their lovely daughter, Divyanshi.

In his spare time, Sanjeev enjoys playing football and Carrom Board.

Sanjeev is a god-fearing man who remains committed to his family, friends, relatives and Consult pr. His life’s mantra is “when you win, nothing hurts.”

(561) 444-7265 Ext.139

Judhisthira Sahoo

PHP Developer

Judhisthira is a PHP Developer who resides in Odisha, India. He has an experience of 15 years in the I.T Industry, including 10 years in Web Development and  1 year of overseas work experience at the Republic of the Maldives, which he attained in 2011.

Judhisthira has also had the pleasure of working with Imnica Mail, located in South Africa, back in 2012.

Judhisthira loves to get himself up to date with the new technologies so that he can implement the same in his day to day work at Consult PR. He has experience with LAMP technologies, LAMP server setup with AWS EC2 as well as GoDaddy VPS, Android Development, Hybrid mobile app development with Ionic 3 angular 4.

Moreover, he has vast experience in e-commerce application development, in addition to many tools such as Git, SVN, Jira, Bugzilla, Mantis and more.

Judhisthira married to the Director of  Maritonent Kaiser Solution PVT Ltd, Jhilirani Sahoo in 2008 and is blessed with two sons.

In his free time, he would binge-watch action movies. He also loves biking and holidaying at the Sea Coast.

Judhisthira is hardworking and committed to his job at Consult PR.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.169

Vijay Sharma

PHP Developer

Vijay is a PHP Developer here at Consult PR with 5+ years of experience. He has significant knowledge with working on CodeIgniter, in addition to Laravel and Cake PHP. Vijay also works with version tool, Git.

Vijay attained his MCA in 2012 and has since shown a keen interest in learning about new technology. He aims to put his best into his work and this has been reflected with him acquiring several employee of the month, employee of the year and excellent work awards within his Web Development career.

He is always willing to share his knowledge with anyone who may find it helpful.

Vijay resides in Bihar and got married in 2011 to his wife Kritam and they have been blessed with two sons; 5-year-old Yashraj and 3-year-old Ayush.

When he is not working, Vijay loves to bike, watch cricket and visit new places. He also loves to watch comedy & action movies.

(561) 444-7265 Ext.182

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