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For most businesses, their website initially was all about a nice, attractive and informative web based representation of their firm. A website was essentially a digital 24-7-365 sales platform for their firm. A few years down the road it became clear that Google searches was fast becoming the place where people were searching for just about everything and the yellow pages started to truly become firewood or something to stand on to reach a can from the top of the pantry. With that realization came the modern truth that all business now have to compete to stay relevant and to be a high first page of Google result whenever possible. This now meant hiring in-house talent or an outsource search engine optimization (SEO) firm to stay competitive. Good white-hat SEO firms (like CPR) play by the rules that Google releases updates on from time to big change was in April 2015 when websites had to become “responsive” or face the prospect of a major fall in the search rankings. It needless to say was costly for most firms implement but well worth it and for the ones that ignored this, a game changer for the worse.

Responsive means that your website basically has been updated so that it can fit larger screens seamlessly, flip and fit tablets and smartphones, etc. The idea behind Google’s April 2015 deadline was they needed to show search results, that if clicked on, searchers would be rewarded with websites that were cross-device friendly. In other words, they wanted their search results to be a good experience for the searchers. What that meant to businesses was that they needed to invest in a website responsive upgrade. With most of our clients we were able to achieve this with limited expenditure and within a couple of weeks of work. Luckily for our clients, we informed them of this early on before the drop dead date and implemented accordingly. However, many businesses do not have a technology partner on board and that means they likely missed out and are suffering the consequences still.

If you missed the "responsive" memo, or ignored it, it's never too late to get on the bandwagon. This is still a very big deal in how you rank in Google. Reach out to us for a free consultation, let us take a look under the hood, see how we can mitigate this and get your business back on up the Google search rankings.

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