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CPROctober 2010

Decide how you will track conversions. Often this is fairly easyit is when you make a sale. Other times it is trickier. If youre a real estate agent, youll most likely be tracking leads. Additionally, youll have to assign some kind of dollar value to that lead so you can determine how much advertising to spend in order to get it. Decide on autoresponders and set them up. Autoresponders are simply a way to keep in touch with your customers and prospects. Essentially its automated email. Do the keyword research. Think Hard on the core ones with a diverse group spy on your competitions using tools, use other tools to expand the core list. Group keywords by the conversation type (the potential customer looking for?) If youre a real estate agent, youre prospects will be having different conversations if theyre looking to relocate as opposed to someone already in your area looking to sell their house. Build landing pages on your site for each conversation type. You would want the two different potential clients above to go to two different pages within your site, because you want to highlight the different value propositions youre bringing to the table to solve their particular problem. Set up your own blog. Set up your Adwords campaign using the keywords, groupings and landing pages. Monitor and test EVERY DAY.

Split test ads every day

Adjust bids every day. Get rid of non-performing keywords every day. As soon as a great money term is found, start to search marketing process for that term.Market 3-4 articles per week (or even more). Start blog postings on your blog and others. Answer posts on forums and yahoo answers. Move great money terms to Yahoo and MSN pay per click advertising engines. Rinse and repeat this process every 90 days! This probably looks overwhelming. However, if you know what youre doingits very straightforward. We can help. Check out our services to see exactly how. With just a bit of effort on your part, you can DOMINATE your market. Doing this effectively really is like bringing a gun to a knife fight. Andits your competitors that will have the knife!

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