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What is Search
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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the minds of most businesses might as well be another language from another planet. In a way, that is true as it's about how to get your business to show up in searches by adhering to the rules of a complex algorithm in the Google universe. The reality however, is that if you know the rules and keep up to speed on the releases from Google, it’s really just a lot of work and not so much rocket science.

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Engineered SEO

It’s easy nowadays to find a decent and trustworthy SEO firm. This did not use to be the case as little as just a few years ago when it seemed every unemployed salesperson was all of a sudden an SEO specialist. Like all good SEO firms we are white-hat which means we follow the rules and don’t look for easy/ quick results that can get your firm penalized by Google. But what do we mean by “engineering targeted SEO results” well that’s what sets us apart.

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Digital Marketing Course

Expand your Digital Web Presence by signing up for our hands-on, interactive, and highly engaging Digital Marketing Course.

Our 12-week course; just a one hour a week investment of your time, conducted live on GoToMeeting (and you get the recording!), is designed to give you and designated members of your team, such as an administrative assistant, an opportunity to learn all that is possible in the sometimes confusing world of Digital Marketing.

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