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Social Media Marketing Strategy

CPRMarch 2013

Customer Service

Social media marketing strategy can also be used as a customer service channel. People are becoming far more willing to make transactions online and therefore expect an organisation to respond to any queries they might have about that specific transaction. Some customers find that service online is far more efficient than dealing with customer service via telephone. The reason for this is that an organisation does not want to have any unresolved customer complaints on their Facebook or Twitter pages as this looks like they don’t care about their community. Another advantage for using social media for customer support is members of the community are able to assist each other with any technical problems that they have encountered.


Online Reputation Management

Online reputation management is becoming increasingly popular as a digital marketing tactic.

This is due to the fact that brands are starting to realise that mentions of their brand weather they are negative or positive are just a click away. Social media allows an organisation to respond very quickly to any mentions about their brand. Extensive keyword research and planning allows your brand to own searches on any brand mentions.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Social media marketing strategy is playing an increasingly important role in the practice of SEO. It allows further optimisation of your digital assets, meaning you stand a greater chance of ranking higher on Google’s SERP pages. Links, likes and shares are being given more weight recently with regards to SEO.



There will always be advertising when there is an audience. Brands like advertising on social media because of the large amounts of time people tend to spend on it. There are great demographic targeting opportunities due to the internet’s measurable nature. This is mostly based on the profile information that is provided by the user or the way in which they interact online.

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