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consultpr email marketing

Supporting Our Clients With Extra Initiatives During The COVID-19 Pandemic

StaffJune 2020

Many companies, including us, have stepped up to provide support for their employees, consumers, clients, and communities in whatever way they can during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking to the support Consult PR has been giving to our own clients during this period, Amanda, our Marketing Operations Manager, said “Our marketing team has made it our mission to try and go above and beyond for our clients. We deployed many extra digital initiatives including weekly eblasts, social media posts, videos, website updates, etc. for our clients since we knew there was a need for them to communicate more frequently during this period. Our company, like many others, has lost revenue due to this pandemic, however, it was important for us to play our part in supporting our clients during this period, regardless.” 

Our Editor, Mark, also chimed in on the need for messages that are carefully crafted, “Sufficient communication with your clients/customers/patients and employees is needed now more than ever as the stress and uncertainty caused by COVID-19 have made persons understandably fearful, agitated, and looking for answers. Our clients have turned to us to provide the right words to get the message across in a sensitive but clear way and our content and graphic design teams have answered that call with the subtle tone and voice that is needed during this very stressful time.”

“The fact that many COVID-19 digital deliverables were deployed for our clients, at no cost to them, resonates well with me thanks to my faith. As Hebrews 13:16 says, "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God." Our company would not be successful without our clients’ patronage and this is our way of saying thank you for your business.  Also, it means more to have shown that we are all in this together, rather than simply offering lip service.” - Amanda Basdeo, Marketing Operations Manager.

As a former journalist and newspaper editor for close to two decades, Mark admitted that he has witnessed human suffering up close and personal, but not on a scale like we are seeing with COVID-19. As an optimist, he is sure better days are ahead and is proud of the part our firm has played in that progress. 

The entire Consult PR team will continue looking for ways that we can traverse this crisis together. We have been and we will continue to go the extra mile to help you. Be safe, and reach out to us if there’s a way we can help.

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