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At Consult PR we feel we would be remiss if we buried out heads in the sand, ignoring the fact that negative reviews can bring a business to it’s knees and permanently destroy its online reputation.

It is a fact that, unfortunately, there are people online that make a career out of writing fake negative reviews about companies. Most of them have never had any experience with the business and simply want to either vent negativity or are out for revenge. In some cases, ex-employees feel a need to slam a business, which is unfortunate.

There are sites buried deep in the internet that charge a fee to write fake reviews. It’s a sad situation, but nonetheless, it happens. On the bright side, while fake negative review writers do exist, the penalties and fees if one gets caught are steep.

One of the best ways to combat negativity online is to constantly be monitoring your online reputation. That is where our Digital Marketing team goes into action. We are diligent in mitigating information and reviews written about your business. And, we are of the opinion that most people are honest, not vengeful.

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