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The Intricacies Of Crafting Content In The COVID-19 Era

StaffJune 2020

The needs of our clients have changed considerably over the past few months as the Coronavirus outbreak gained traction in the U.S. For many of our clients, we rolled out additional Covid-19 digital communication initiatives, website upgrades, and no additional cost. For our experienced team of Content Specialists, this meant adapting to writing in a considerably different way.

Writing should be an emotional experience when done right.  Our content team members have found the past few months to have been equally challenging and rewarding as they have been required to shift priorities, write quickly, be nimble and work with clients to ensure the messaging and tone of content created is just right.

They have had to put themselves in the proverbial shoes of consumers/customers/patients to understand what message would resonate. At the same time, they’ve had to put themselves in the mindset of business owners and figure out how best to relay information to consumers without coming off as tone-deaf, salesy or cliched in this very difficult time.

Over the next few weeks, things will continue to change as most businesses move towards some level of reopening. Our team has embraced our version of the new normal as we assist our clients nimbly with any digital communications or updates needed during this period. Continue to be safe, remember that we’re all in this together and that we are here to support you!

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