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The Number One App On Where To Pee At Mardi Gras

Alex WoodWardFebruary 2014

A web app launching today lists nearby available bathrooms along Carnival parade routes. AirPnP designers Max Gaudin and Travis Laurendinemade the site live Monday, and dozens of businesses have made their bathrooms available. The "entrepeeneur" sign-up page went live yesterday, and more than 30 people have listed their home bathrooms. More than 2,000 people have signed up to receive notifications about the site's progress.

"On the city side and public service side, it definitely serves a need — no pissing on the street kind of thing," Gaudin says, noting that Laurendine is currently walking on the parade route getting people to sign up. "We want to have fun with it, but we're definitely doing something real with it. ... It's kind of like the weather — something everyone can talk about."

The city is setting up 700 "portable toilets" (the worst phrase) along parade routes this year. With new restrictions on port-o-lets preventing the foul yellow tombs from over-sprinkling parade grounds, it's a matter of time before mercenaries list bathrooms on Craigslist. Signs have been spotted advertising balcony/bathroom rentals in the French Quarter with hourly rates.

AirPnP joins the ranks of other bathroom assistance apps, including RunPee, which tells users when a good time might be to step out of a movie theater.

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