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The Top 5 Reasons To Consider Our Digital Marketing Class

Laurie HurleyApril 2017

Social media and digital marketing can be a maze of confusion, overwhelm, and frustration. It can also be a time waster that sucks you in for hours and hours, taking you away from your work (or life!) resulting in being burned out and possibly in a bad way with your family and friends. Not good, right?

At Consult PR, our Digital Marketing department does eat, live, and breathe this online stuff. Call us crazy but it’s what we do; and we do it well.

When we are working with a client and their brand, it makes our heart sing if we know they are aware of some of the finer details of digital marketing. Not because we want to waste their time; after all, they are paying us to manage, write, and curate content. We feel an educated client is a happy client.

And that is why we offer our 12-week Digital Marketing class four times a year. We can think of hundreds of reasons why a client or prospective client should attend, but our team narrowed it down to the top 5 reasons to consider being one of our valued “students.” So, here we go:

Reason #5

You don’t know what you don’t know.

Imagine your surprise when you find out the way you have been doing something online is, well, wrong, i.e. not resulting in any engagement or, even worse, just bad social media strategy. Our goal is to enlighten you and share best practices. You may even discover that something we teach you is fun, a time saver, and easily delegated to an administrative assistant.

Reason #4

We want to empower you with knowledge.

Yes, it is true we charge you a reasonable fee to learn digital marketing - for a very good reason. Because at Consult PR we believe an educated client is an empowered client. Once you know how to place a Pay-Per-Click ad on Google or schedule your social media posts so you aren’t sucked into that time wasting vacuum, you have just mastered a new skill. That’s empowering and valuable. Use your knowledge; it comes in handy in this age of the Internet 2.0!

Reason #3

You and your business will have a significant edge over your competition.

Although what we teach is not rocket-science (wait, Google Analytics is kind of like rocket science at first glance - but it gets easier) we explain things in laymen’s terms. We could go on and on using all kinds of acronyms - because inter-departmentally that’s how we often communicate - but we know that would be a waste of your time. You will learn shortcuts, practical methods, and several easy applications we use daily that will add to your knowledge base, all of which can be implemented immediately. Basically, you’ll have a new skill set to blow right by your competition, when used properly.

Reason #2

Small class size, interaction and real-life examples - this is not a series of webinars or Power Points.

How easy it would be for us to record twelve webinars and put them on auto-pilot! Better yet, we could design a cool Power Point presentation and play it for you weekly at the specified class time. But, we don’t want a class that consists of one-way communication. Our class size doesn’t exceed eight people because when we are teaching, we are live on GoToMeeting, sharing our screen and showing you real-life examples of the subject matter. Every attendee will have an opportunity to see exactly how something is done and, quite often, we share your website or other digital marketing sites in class. Right from the get-go we give you a personalized spreadsheet that you will use for several classes - we prepare it for you prior to class. No auto-pilot for us! And, you get each class recording, within 24 hours of completion.

And, finally, the #1 Reason to take our Digital Marketing Class

What we teach you is exactly what we do everyday for hundreds of clients, and our classes are taught by our CEO and EVP of Digital Marketing.

Our tagline is: “Create, market, and expand your web presence.” Your digital footprint, from your website and SEO, to your newsletters, social media posts and more is how your prospective clients, referral partners and influencers in your industry will become aware of you online. The know, like, and trust factor still exists in the 21st Century. It’s one of the oldest adages in business, and it still rings true. We show you how to do that in the digital world.

At Consult PR we have helped companies increase their market share and dominate Google, while being mindful of their ROI. Mid-size companies, large organizations, franchises, non-profits, multi-location firms, and entrepreneurs have been the majority of our client base since 2005.

We believe so strongly in educating our clients that our CEO, Paul Ramkissoon and our EVP of Digital Marketing, Laurie Hurley, personally teach our classes. Their combined marketing experience of nearly sixty years coupled with their lively and informative teaching styles is probably one of the reasons our classes fill up each session.

So, what are you waiting for? Our next class begins in mid-June. Click here to get more information and reach out to us at 561-701-7939 to register.

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