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Things You Need To Do To Improve Your Web Presence This Year

StaffJune 2018

Having an effective online presence is key to the success of any business in the internet era. We hope you find this article helpful in optimizing and maximizing your web presence. To that end, we will be writing a series of articles that cover the latest trends in digital marketing, websites, cloud software, phone apps and more. This is the fourth article in this series. This series was originally supposed to be four parts, but over the months we’ve compiled some additional recommendations that can help you create an excellent online presence this year.

In this article we will share three considerations you should keep in mind when thinking about upgrading/maintaining your current website or when building a new one.

ADA Compliance

Website ADA compliance is important to avoid a lawsuit, but it’s also as important to provide an equal opportunity for people to enjoy your goods or services whether they have a disability or not. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), passed in 1990, was focused mostly on physical accommodations in public spaces such as elevators, wheelchair ramps, etc. The regulations have never really included web presence but in 2016, a few lawsuits went to trial and resulted in mixed rulings. Since then, the topic has gained a lot of attention and more attorneys are filing suits even without having clear regulations on how a website should cater to the needs of the visually impaired.  As such, the web community has put together some work in progress guidelines that can help keep you and your business out of litigation. These regulations are covered in WCAG 2.0 and they direct how to have a site for visually impaired visitors (by identifying users with braille keyboards) to a version of your site that converts text to speech, which makes it incredibly easy for persons with disabilities to navigate your site. So why not stay ahead of the curve, avoid potential litigation and upgrade your site sooner rather than later.

GDPR Compliance

General-Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was set up by the European Union to protect privacy of its individuals, and it came into full effect 25th May, 2018. This regulation targets all businesses and not-for-profit organizations that process personal data concerning employees, customers or prospects who are in the EU and/or are EU citizens no matter where in the world the company is based and even if the data is processed outside the EU. The regulation states that if a European person's data is being shared by a website then the person needs to know why it’s being shared, who it is being shared with and how long the data has been retained. Failure to comply with this regulation can result in a hefty fine. Feel free to contact us to determine whether your website is in compliance with this regulation and if it should be. Remember, this regulation has already taken effect so make sure you handle this urgent matter before it results in undesirable consequences.

Upgraded maintenance tasks

At Consult PR, any client that builds their site with us, gets a free lifetime guarantee for bug fixes that arise after the site has launched (provided they host with us and never request FTP access). That warranty while excellent, does not however cover ongoing maintenance to your site.  A good analogy is just because you have bought a great car with a an excellent warranty that will fix issues, does not mean that you can neglect the maintenance of the vehicle. If you’re a website client of ours, you may have already spoken to us about our maintenance plan, but if you haven’t, reach out to us to find out how we can implement this program for your websites continued excellent performance. Presently our list of maintenance tasks include at least the following:  


  1. Conduct a cross-browser check of the site every six (6) months. This means we’ll test the site on different desktop, tablet and phone browsers to see if the site loads properly given the amount of new browser versions deployed regularly.

  2. Confirm annually that Captcha codes are working and are updated to the newest and best versions as they become available.

  3. Monthly tests of the website forms to confirm they are working and sending our email notifications, etc. Contact Us, Footer forms.

  4. Every 6 month change the admin login area of the website and modify the password each time to conform with security best practices.

  5. Every six (6) months confirm that the Website is Mobile Friendly as per Google's Webmaster Tool and take necessary steps to keep the site fast and compliant outside of recommendations that require a new site build.

  6. Every six (6) months, confirm that the Website Is W3 Clean including handling error mitigation that does not require a new site build.

  7. Confirm annually that is redirecting to (Check for HTTPS for relevant clients).

  8. Woorank report and related modifications every 6 months.

  9. Google Speed Test and related modifications every 6 Months

  10. Every 6 months check for missing SEO on site. (Email stating the number of pages missing Titles, Descriptions and Alt Tags will be sent to client or marketing team for remediation.)

Contact Consult PR to find out more about our these services and more. We can outfit your site will all the necessary features to be compliant with the above stated requirements and then push a little bit further for a healthy competitive edge. We hope that you have found our fourth article in this series to be informative and helpful.

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