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Tweeting may seem cumbersome and boring. After all, who has the time to think of a great message using only 140 characters? Well, not only do we know and love using Twitter on behalf our clients, but we also know Twitter is more than just about celebrities and political rants.

Your Digital Marketing Strategy can benefit from the amazing power of Twitter when you use it as a valuable tool to find, connect, and maintain relationships with your customers, referral partners and prospects.

Did you know that over 50% of people who follow a brand on Twitter will visit that brand’s website, too? That is a powerful statistic and one Consult PR thinks you should be taking advantage of by creating an awesome Twitter presence.

We know how to find the right followers for you, engage them, and share your golden nuggets of information; yes, by using just 140 characters.

Images, video, blog posts, and more are perfect content for this social media platform that over 317 million people use monthly.

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