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Almost all websites delivered today come with a content management system, but unlike many firms out there that have only come to that party in the last 5-7 years, Consult PR has had client empowerment via content management systems at the core of our website offerings for over 15 years! There is a stark difference in the user friendliness of our systems compared to 3rd party off the shelf cookie cutter systems found in cheap popular template systems like WordPress, Joomla, etc. Also, our CMS is built with your digital marketing in-house or outsourced teams in mind who literally get excited when we showcase how much SEO and viral/ social marketing functionalities come standard with our websites.

So what is a Content Management System (CMS) anyways and why is picking a firm with the right approach to this important. Simply put this is a place where you can login and make edits and updates to the majority of content areas on your website. If done well, it will be easy to use, have a clean look and feel and only what you need to use versus everything possible on the planet shoved into an admin interface. Unfortunately, most businesses don’t know enough about this sort of thing to discern what's good or bad they base their vendor selection on the graphic designs they are presented with, price of course, reviews, referrals and the quality of the individuals in the firm. Those are good criteria for sure, but when buying a technology’s always worth taking a look under the hood. Why buy a generic processor if you can get the latest fastest Intel processor on a computer? Why buy a cookie cutter system that uses a computer formula to try and auto populate marketing meta-data that will determine whether you show up #1 or #500 in a Google search when you can have a custom system with amazing interfaces that your marketing team, with their innate knowledge of your differentiators and unique targets, can easily use to make that first page Google search result a reality? We never really figured out why people go that route sometimes so we don’t have an answer for that other than maybe it’s because the cheap stuff is just

Like anything else in the shopping universe, you get what you pay for. It’s always advisable, when purchasing technology, that you get the most you can for the actual engine that runs the item versus the packaging. If you’d like to have a free consultation or a sample CMS demo scheduled contact us today.

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