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VP Of Project Logistics, Chuck Konga Tells Us About His Impressive Career At Consult PR

StaffJanuary 2019

Chuck Konga is currently our Vice President of Project Logistics at Consult PR but securing the honor to serve in that post only came after facing a myriad of challenges and fulfilling experiences that have cemented his drive and passion for excellence.  Chuck’s story is the classic example of how young people can craft their own destinies by remaining focused, humble and patient as they take important steps that will impact their future. He started working at Consult PR as a Quality Assurance Specialist after completing high school and as he was about to start university back in 2004.

Reflecting on his early years with the firm, Chuck said he was always a dedicated employee who took his job very seriously. He explained that before attending the Florida Atlantic University where he obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance in 2009, he had developed a passion for working with the company because he realized that emphasis on always achieving high levels of customer satisfaction while improving and setting new trends in the area of websites, custom software and digital marketing.

Chuck has enjoyed a very good working relationship with his colleagues and has managed to develop incredible communication skills that have served him well in all walks of life. He gave some more insight into how he communicates effectively in his current role as Vice President (Project Logistics) while explaining how the procedures implemented by him and management meetings with his projects team ensure that timelines are met and progress is always being made each and every day for all our clients.

He believes that one has to work extremely hard to accomplish one’s goals.  His decision to go full time with the Consult PR team soon after he completed college was always his goal as he enjoys working in a high energy, service driven professional environment.

“Consult PR was supposed to be my stepping stone into the corporate world and funny enough, I haven’t looked anywhere else since joining the team. After all of the experiences, everything I learnt while here at Consult PR and of course our wonderful clients...I really can’t imagine working anywhere else.”  -Consult PR Vice President of Project Logistics, Chuck Konga

For this VP, being able to launch new projects including innovative web-based applications is rewarding. He stated that, for 2019, several new initiatives in this respect will be launched for clients.  He maintained that his greatest contributions to the Consult PR team have been using his experience and skills to implement new solutions to existing and recurring challenges that have ultimately improved the products and services offered by the company.

Asked about some of the key principles that continue to define his career and life, Chuck  attributed his patience, strong sense for ethical behavior and fairness, and determined nature to his parents.  “I think determination and focus are important to achieve your goals”, he insisted as he also explained that growing up in Sri Lanka under the watchful eyes of his Aunt and Uncle and later in the USA with his they have shaped the way he sees the world today and by extension impacted his goals and what he chooses to pursue personally and professionally.

In his leisure time, Chuck enjoys playing cricket and is a member of the Titans Cricket Club in South Florida.  Interestingly, cricket is the sport in which he met Consult PR’s President, Paul Ramkissoon. Chuck was only a teenager in those days, but Paul recognized his potential and pushed him to back himself in the game and do well.  He is regarded as one of the most talented left handed batsmen in all of South Florida and was the youngest ever (at the young age of 25) to be inducted into the prestigious South Florida Cricket Association’s 500 Club (reserved for batters that achieve the massive feat of 500 runs in a single season).  He works out daily to ensure that he remains healthy and fit. Chuck is also an animal lover and enjoys walking his aussie shepherd, Sassy, regularly in the park.

“I am getting married in March so a lot of my attention is also directed to that in 2019.” -Consult PR Vice President of Project Logistics, Chuck Konga

After marriage, Chuck wants to continue his travels to various parts of the world to experience different cultures along with his better half, Blessy.   Being able to work remotely from anywhere in the world is also another reason why he enjoys working with Consult PR. This VP, who once wanted to become an Astronaut, said that he would also like to return to live for a while in his native Sri-Lanka and give back via charity to his country.  We here at Consult PR cannot express how happy we are that Chuck not only joined our team all those years ago but continues to be an integral member of our corporate family. Even with that said, it cannot be understated the bond that Chuck shares with Paul and here's to seeing that wonderful relationship as well as all the relationships forged with our hundreds of clients over the years continue to blossom!

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