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Welcome To 2020! Here’s What’s In Store For Consult PR.

StaffJanuary 2020

Welcome to 2020! The new year is another opportunity for growth and success. All of us here at Consult PR would like to thank you for your business in the past year and we hope to continue to build upon our long lasting relationships together. We have quite a few things planned for this year and while we don’t want to let the cat completely out of the bag, we would like to share with you some of our plans for the year ahead. 

Over the past 20 years or so in business, we’ve served over 1,000 clients.  While our initial clients mainly originated in the South Florida market, over the years we have exponentially added clients from all around the USA. This year marks the start of our 5-year regional focus plan to further increase our client base in the Southeastern United States. In 2020, with the foundation already laid, we’ll be using primarily either M&A or strategic partnerships to expand. This way, our entrance into markets will be based on existing relationships and existing personnel on the ground that are already well established in the various communities. 

While the expansion is our main focus this year, we have some other projects lined up. Internally, we're implementing a lot of different things in terms of software, programs and procedures to continue to improve our deliverables to our clients. Ultimately, the focus is to serve our clients better and achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and success for our clients in their initiatives. We’ll also continue to acquire talent in all our offices, talent that stand above their peers and their colleagues and really can bring a lot to the table to help us achieve our goals. We have also embarked on a few initiatives that are aimed at developing our existing staff members. We want our team members to find satisfaction in being a part of our firm, not just in having a great position in a great firm servicing great clients, but also to be able to see that the firm is investing in their professional development as well.

Consult PR has four main product lines that we offer - websites, phone apps, cloud software and digital marketing.  We're constantly looking for ways to make our existing product lines better hence, we’ve added a full-time dedicated individual in our team for research and development. We look at trends in the digital marketing arena and deconstruct a lot of that to ensure it makes good financial sense for our clients to get involved in those things and that they’ll be able to have good return on investment. We tend not to be the early adopters, meaning we don't adopt something because it’s trendy, instead we like to observe and measure it for awhile to make sure it has good ROI before we recommend it to our clients. This year we have at least half a dozen programs that will be introduced to our clients within our four main verticals. These programs have been thoroughly vetted and tested and we're going to roll them out to our clients this year.

On the management side of things, our leaders are geared up for another amazing year. Our CEO, David Blotnick, expressed his expectations for the year:

“I am excited about being the incoming President of The Executives’ Association of the Palm Beaches  I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve the community and be a leader at the EA. Commenting on the company’s plans to tackle a larger market, David commented:

“I’m particularly excited about what is occuring in the Charlotte market and I think it’s one of a few primary growth markets for us in 2020. I’m excited about continuing to be on the board of directors for a number of organizations both charitable and otherwise throughout South Florida. I hope to be able to continue that level of commitment and perhaps even serve in more capacities if time permits.”

Meanwhile, when asked about some of the charitable endeavors, President of Consult PR, Paul Ramkissoon, responded:  “We'll stay active in some of the groups that we've been active in and I’m going to continue to work with the wider cricket community here in South Florida, and with the Atlantic Army JROTC program. There are other charities that inevitably knock on the door, and when they do we tend to offer 501c3 discounts in our pricing and we intend to continue doing that for charitable organizations to help give them a leg up and alleviate some of their price sensitivities.” In 2019, we lent support to some great charities such as the Zoe Loren Foundation and the US Sailing Center and Magdalene Carney Baha'i Institute (MCBI), and we will continue to work with these charities in 2020 to help them achieve their mission.

“Over the years, our firm has grown steadily at a healthy double digit rate of increase year after year. We’re very proud of that and we hope that this year we can continue this healthy growth pattern. One of the things that helps us maintain this growth is our very healthy retention rate, which is in the 90th percentile, of clients and we want to continue that. One challenge that we'll face this year that could either make or break this healthy growth, is our ability to expand successfully. We’ll need to manage the expansion when it occurs, retain the clients that are a part of that merger/partnership successfully, move them into our programing seamlessly and service them at the same high level as our current clientele. Being able to grow in a scalable way without sacrificing our high standards in terms of who we hire and how we service our clients will be a tough feat to accomplish, but we’re optimistic that we’ll accomplish what is necessary.” - Paul Ramkissoon.

Consult PR has, over the years, threaded successfully along a path of growth and expansion that’s built on the foundation of professional service of the highest standard and cemented by excellent customer satisfaction and retention. We foresee 2020 as another great year of growth and success for our company and our client family. From all of us here at Consult PR, we wish each and every one of you the very best in 2020!

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