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StaffApril 2020

Everyone is feeling the impact of what's going on in the economy right now. A lot of small and medium-sized businesses have been forced to make tough decisions on how they’ll deal with their customers/clients/patients and how they’ll deal with their staff/employees. They’ve had to ask themselves the question, ‘what does the future hold for our business?’

At Consult PR, we have had to ask ourselves the same question. We understand that our staff members have expenses and families to support so we’ve been creative with how we're managing this crisis. Here are some of the steps we’ve taken:

  • We have cut all auxiliary spending. 
  • We've slightly modified our shifts and have structured things in such a way that we can still service all our clients for all their needs in our main verticals (cloud software, digital marketing, websites, phone apps, hosting and maintenance). 
  • Unfortunately, we like most businesses have had to make some staffing adjustments.  While we had to layoff some of our staff members, we’re proud that we have managed to retain more than 90% of our staff for the foreseeable future.

Our team has been understanding and supportive of the measures taken, in fact, our Senior VP of Operations, Harsh Singh, can attest to the fact that numerous staff members have reached out to him personally to express gratitude for all that management is doing at this time to ensure job security amidst the crisis. In this stressful time, the support has shown us all that we really and truly are a family and that we must look out for one another.

No matter what, our focus remains on ensuring that we’re here for you, our clients, and that we can fulfill your needs. Speaking to this, our Marketing Operations Manager, Amanda Basdeo, said:

“We have been making a number of modifications to our clients' marketing programs to ensure that during this time we only focus on the services that make sense and can have an impact. For our clients that offer ‘non-essential’ services, we've either paused or made a recommendation to them to pause their Google Pay Per Click campaigns and Facebook boosts.  For our clients that offer ‘essential’ services, we've either doubled down to good effect on their Google Pay Per Click campaigns or recommended that we do so. We're also deploying a number of COVID-19 related initiatives (for example, additional social media posts, special e-blasts, website sliders & updates, etc.) for our clients at no additional cost to them as a way of doing our part to help in this crisis.”

At this time, a lot of our clients are looking to communicate with their clientele, whether it be through their website, video, a special eblast/newsletter to their mailing lists or on social media. For this, they have been turning to us to provide the right words to get the message across in a sensitive but clear way. Speaking about our ability to do this, our Editor, Mark Ramotar, said:

“For several weeks now we have been closely monitoring the spread of the dreaded COVID-19. Persons are understandably fearful, agitated and looking for answers. It is important that your company communicate with your clients/customers/patients as well as your employees. Our writing/graphic design team understands the subtle tone and voice that is needed during this very stressful time. Rest assured that we will help you find that delicate balance of trying to give advice and get the message over without being insensitive.”

As things continue to develop, we will look for ways for all of us to traverse this crisis with the least negative impacts on all our businesses. After all, we're in this together!

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