In 2016, the word on the internet was that approximately 60% of search traffic was being done from mobile devices. Wow...what happened...only a few years ago the percentage of searches that were done from a mobile search device was in single figures and projected to grow but certainly not this fast right...nope...wrong. Brace yourself...the search result at a stop light days are here. The frantic coupon hunt while in line to checkout is already a habit. The restaurant coupon search before dining out and the entertainment coupon searches are in full swing. Be careful not get "virtually skipped in the line for movie tickets" because the person behind you has a smart phone and decides to use it.

The same is true for business that have embraced "going mobile" by making their websites responsive, building smartphone friendly versions of their websites and deploying phone apps. A computer in the palm of your hand with the ability to search for and buy whatever you are seeking...that's a consumer's dream. Well it's also their reality now and smart businesses need to get their digital presence in line with the mobile-lization. Contact us today for a free consultation to find out how to still get in early enough to stay ahead of the curve in this relatively new business arena.

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