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With the internet being as pervasive as it is, and promising to be even more so in the years to come, reviews - positive or negative - spread like wildfire. And once something is online, it stays there forever.

Having a positive reputation online is one of the most powerful assets a business has. Social proof is contained in your star ratings and written reviews, driving your prospective customers to take the next step - contact you, with confidence that you can provide what they need. Why? Because others say so in the form of taking the time to leave a review and clicking on those stars you see everywhere online.

Your online reputation is driven by your ability to deliver top-notch customer service and have people talk about and share it online. At Consult PR, our Digital Marketing team manages your online reputation by encouraging your clients to leave you a review, monitoring all of the different places anyone can review you, (that you may not even know about it) and being sure we respond, on your behalf, acknowledging the good and addressing the bad.

Our experience managing online reputation is a big plus for our clients. No review should be ignored, ever. Ask us about our online reputation management services and how we can be your eyes and ears encouraging and responding to reviews and making sure your company information is correct on all review sites.

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