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Yogendra Singh

Sr. Web Designer

Yogendra has been with the Consult PR family for over 7 Years 3 Months!
Yogendra has 19 Years of experience in the industry!
Yogendra has won the innovator award 3 times!
Yogendra has won the production specialist award 6 times!
Yogendra has been promoted 1 time! within the company!
Yogendra has won the employee of the year award 1 time! for the following years: 1

(561) 444-7265 Ext.137


Yogendra brings over 14 years of professional experience in the Web Development Industry to the Consult PR table. Yogendra graduated from Lucknow University and received technical/professional training from ISCT Lucknow. He has been working in the industry since 2004  and is always eager to learn more. Aside from web development, he also has a passion for graphic design and computer/console gaming. These keep him updated and even provide him with inspiration, new ideas, and the latest trends.


Yogendra is happily married to Kshama, and he has a daughter, Sonal. Yogendra is extremely committed to his family, profession, friends, and country and remains a firm believer in God. He also believes in working hard and playing harder. 


 According to Yogendra, what’s great about the Web Development industry is the new challenges and the chance he gets to learn new techniques/methods and coming up with solutions. This further input of knowledge is what he says keeps him up to date with new technology.  Consult PR is happy to have such an outstanding individual as Yogendra as part of our family!

Industry Accredations, certifications etc.

  • Masters Level Technology expert
  • Networking and Communication Engineer

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