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Did you know there is such a thing as YouTube Search Engine Optimization 1001

YouTube SEO is as important for your video/channel as air. 1001

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YouTube Search Engine Optimization

StaffJanuary 2023

Changes in technology are hard to keep up with for someone not in the loop. Most firms think setting up a YouTube channel, creating some videos and loading them up constitutes their video marketing program. Have you noticed that your firm’s videos, while they may have great content, are low on views and don’t seem to be getting much traction? This may lead to a sense of disillusionment with the effort required to produce videos and the feeling that ROI cannot be achieved using video marketing.  


So why is YouTube a big deal?

YouTube has become the second most-popular search engine after Google.

  • It is used by businesses, social media influencers, stars and podcasters. In fact, you wouldn't know if a movie is coming out if you didn't see it being announced on YouTube. 
  • As of 2018, YouTube is installed on more than 5 billion android devices and about 1 billion people watch videos on it EVERY DAY

Yes, video marketing is a big freaking deal. Video still remains the most effective communication marketing medium on the planet. Millennials prefer to watch a video than read a long blog post. So how do we leverage YouTube in our marketing?


FUN FACT: Did you know YouTube is owned by Google? Hmm…makes you wonder if there is a correlation in their search engine algorithms?

Did you also know there is such a thing as YouTube Search engine Optimization (SEO)?


YouTube’s algorithm is capable of ranking the best content on the basis of a user's search, this presents a challenge to a video creator for greater visibility, and has to strategize and optimize videos so that they gain more views. This strategy adoption is known as YouTube SEO.

  • Most people are not aware that even the title of the video file that one stores onto YouTube has to fulfill certain parameters that help the video achieve greater outreach.
  • A video post that positively fills in the title, tags and description, tends to have a better placement.
  • A channel or video on YouTube that receives a lot of comments and likes is more engaging to a viewer and has better positioning.
  • All these make YouTube promote the video faster through its algorithm as these videos are giving a viewer a better engagement experience.

CPR’s YouTube SEO service offering can turn around the effectiveness of your business’s video marketing programs. Increase your follower count, website visits and more importantly, brand awareness. This in turn brings in higher revenue.

We address a plethora of factors as depicted in the pie chart below:

…. And more including:

  • For the specially-abled a video without subtitles is of no use. CPR’s subtitle offerings can help you gain a newer audience with greater subtitle interaction, and also a better outreach to a non-language audience. This increases your SEO ranking.
  • CPRs quality assurance ensures that the subtitles correspond to the audio.
  • As most of the viewership and searches happen on mobiles these days, your video needs to be optimized for location preference and with the proper hashtagging.
  • YouTube SEO maintenance that keeps your channel up in the rankings along with other strategic improvements that bring in more views and lead to higher brand awareness and also higher revenue generation. And this is all in a one-time payment package. 

YouTube SEO is as important for your video/channel as air. Reaching your target audience and generating higher revenue would place you way above the competition. Why not reach out to the experts at CPR and become the ‘BOSS’ (bring in something special) of YouTube marketing for your firm this year. 

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