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Importance Of Google Reviews

StaffMay 2019

Looking for a sure fire way for your business to stand out? Google Reviews allow for customers and clients to leave an assessment of your company’s services and/or products. This goes directly to your business listing on Google My Business and Google Maps. Make sure you are in control of your Google My Business and Google Maps listing, since loyal customers can influence potential customers and everyone today uses the Google Map! There are over 2 trillion Google searches per day in 2019, however, according to Internet Live Stats, there are around 5.5 billion searches done on Google per day or over 63,000 search queries done per second.

In the past, people used “word of mouth referrals”, to some extent they still use this method. This is however becoming more challenging, especially for businesses moving to a new location or travellers visiting new places. The review portals of the internet, including Google, which is one of the most reputable review portals, is now the new word of mouth!

As in the case with one of our clients, Palm Air, if we look at the map and directory (see screenshot image above), they are on the top page of google search results, it is very important for you to be positioned there with your business. If you have a high star rating, people are likely to call you. The more stars you have the better placed your business is in terms of ranking. While the quality of the review matters, quantity is also important. Encouraging more customers to leave you a review will boost the online reputation of your business.

While google reviews are important to customers, businesses can use the feedback to get a better understanding of their own practices and retain their clients, while at the same time improving their visibility on Google. By sharing their experiences online, your customers are essentially setting you apart from your competition. By encouraging reviews, you are more likely to retain that loyal customer and win new ones in the process. There have been situations where one of our marketing clients didn't know that their customer was upset. They found out about it on a review. They were then able to reach out and salvage the situation and retain that client.

Consult PR has been around since 2005 helping clients in a variety of web marketing areas, including digital marketing. Our experienced team believes that having a positive online reputation is a powerful tool which can be harnessed to grow your business. More than that, we also place great emphasis on managing your online reputation by  monitoring all of the different places that anyone can review you, even the places you may not know about, and responding on your behalf, to the good and the bad. Accept the fact that it’s difficult to make everyone happy or satisfied at all times. As such, your business will get negative reviews. What’s important is understanding how to deal with those negative reviews. It is therefore important to work with a professional firm like Consult PR to understand how to deal with that. According to, 45 percent of consumers say that they’re more likely to visit a business if it responds to negative reviews.

Consult PR encourages reviews as part of online reputation management and works with companies to customize ways of encouraging feedback. The company will assist businesses to employ active strategies to collect data, targeting  existing and new customers. According to Forbes, employers, clients, colleges and customers are increasingly using Google as their sidekick before making important decisions. As a strategic technology partner, Consult PR works with businesses to help them grow by expanding their internet presence. By employing the best strategies, the company has been able to design and implement needs-based solutions for many businesses that have testified to the proven results. Over the years, clients have attested to the positive results of their digital initiatives.

Quite recently, the owners of Palm Air, David Jenkins and Everett Hill pointed to the successes of using Consult PR and utilizing all of the recommended digital marketing techniques. In fact, they proudly announced that they have seen more than a 500% return on their initial investment (See video LINK above).   When Consult PR started with Palm Air, they had very few reviews.

Just two years later they now have over 400 reviews!

“We were skeptical about the results, given our history with past companies we have dealt with. Not only has Paul and his team been a pleasure to work with, we have seen 538% return on investment in just the first couple months in 2019 and over 500% ROI in 2018. They are the right team to deal with,” David Jenkins from Palm Air stated. Meanwhile, co-owner Everett Hill pointed to their previous experiences with companies who were “overpricing and under delivering.” As a contrast, the results of working with Consult PR, he said, speaks for itself.  

David explained, “The team is the best. If you are looking to make a switch and you want to have excellent ROI, come to Consult PR.”

A comprehensive digital marketing strategy with key components like Google Reviews to manage online reputation is multi dimensional. Companies today are finding new and innovative ways to use reviews.  Another Consult PR client, Massey, Clark, Fischer Inc, a reputable insurance agency in Florida with over six decades in the business, pointed to one unique way Google Reviews are being used. The company’s President, Hank Massey Jr, alluded to the fact that information from google reviews is now being used by financial institutions in credibility checks. He explained, “I met with my bank, like ten days ago and they go, I was on your website, we also reviewed all the Google reviews and your reviews are very good. So even my bank, where I have a credit line, is using it for credibility.”

Using Google Reviews and connecting with customers to  garner their feedback is a strategic way to set yourself apart from the competition. In a super competitive environment, Consult PR can help you to make informed decisions and ultimately grow your business! Don’t hesitate to make that important step to grow your business. Contact us here for a FREE consultation!


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