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Why the word “passive” when referring to Digital Marketing? Combine that with the word “repetitive” and Consult PR believes you will have a winning passive repetitive marketing strategy, especially as it relates to an email marketing campaign.

Our Digital Marketing team has a solid track record of knowing how to formulate a winning email campaign that touches your target market 4-6 times over a period of about eight weeks. We craft your email “drip campaign” sending it to your desired referral partners, introducing you and your services. Most importantly, we tell them why their reaching out to you is a win-win.

We get into their heads a bit, if you will, introducing you to them and their subconscious mind. They keep seeing your emails… and your messaging… and, if they are curious about you and look you up on the internet.. the great content you have incorporated into your Digital Marketing program. Even if your prospects don’t reach out the first time, that’s OK. We repeat the process, always with timing and strategy in mind.

Let Consult PR’s Digital Marketing team show you how passive repetitive marketing works and why it’s time well invested.

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consultpr email marketing